Shishim October Event

October 13, 2022 @ 10:45 am America/New York Timezone

Program 60:Continue Your Lifelong Learning and The Beautiful and Ugly Side of Degas: The Dreyfus Affair

Program 60: Continue Your Lifelong Learning

Your age allows you to take in-person and online coursework – tuition free – through The Ohio State University’s Program 60.

Lauren Feyl, the Program 60 Coordinator, will help you learn the ropes including:

  • the steps to register as a student and enroll in classes
  • parking, and
  • helpful services available to Program 60 students

A panel of congregants will also participate to share their successful experiences with Program 60.

The Beautiful & Ugly Side of Degas: The Dreyfus Affair

Degas, the French impressionist artist, is known for his paintings and sculptures.

Lesser known is the fact that Degas came from a wealthy banking family. As their fortune waned, Degas and his family fell back on old social attitudes that were still quite prevalent for that time period.

At the same time, the court martial case against a Jewish and French artillery officer, Alfred Dreyfus, came to trial.

Carol Salus, Professor Emerita of Art History, will share how the Degas family’s fortune and the Dreyfus Affair intersect.

This story presents the question: Is it possible to separate the man from his truly great art?