Hebrew Learning

Beth Tikvah’s Hebrew School program is designed to develop students’ ability to read, write, and speak the Hebrew language. In preparation for B’nai Mitzvah, all students are required to complete four years of Hebrew studies.

The goals of Beth Tikvah’s Hebrew School are to develop learners who:

  • Are able to participate meaningfully in worship services, not only in their own synagogue but in any synagogue, by providing a firm foundation in prayer.
  • Grasp that Hebrew is a living language by learning basic vocabulary and grammar as an introduction to modern Hebrew. Our curriculum includes more than prayer.
  • Demonstrate a grounding in the basic building blocks of Hebrew (roots, prefixes, suffixes), so that they may build their understanding of prayers, Bible, and modern language.
  • Achieve a level of competence which will lead to a meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony.
  • Recognize values, concepts, and holiday observance through the use of the Hebrew language and Hebrew songs.
  • Are inspired with a love of the Hebrew language and with an appreciation of the importance of the place of Hebrew in Jewish life.

hulahoop2In order to help us further our goals, we welcome and encourage all children to participate in our Religious School and Hebrew School program, regardless of financial ability. We also feel that all children should be afforded the opportunity to learn regardless of their abilities. To assist, we have aides available to support special educational needs. Financial support through the Columbus Jewish Federation allows us to place an aide in the classroom to assist the teacher under certain specific circumstances. The Federation also provides the services of a consultant, who observes children in classrooms as requested, and assists our teachers in adapting their teaching strategies to accommodate children with special needs.

We believe that all children have the ability to learn and grow and be a part of the greater Jewish community.