Shishim is a group of senior members (60 and over) of Congregation Beth Tikvah and friends who gather monthly to deepen their connection with one another and their community. Interesting programs, lunch, lively discussion, and time to spend with friends are always included.

To see upcoming Shishim Events, check out our calendar.

All Shishim activities are designed and coordinated by the Planning Committee: Cathy Appel, David Binkovitz,  Eleanor Block, Jan Fish, Rhoda Gilbert, Inge Guttmann, Arlene Levy, Jeannie Lewis,  Nancy Pawliger, Phyllis Rosen, Sally Stefano, Dora Sterling, Penny Wyman and others looking for  the company of wild and crazy group .  The committee currently chaired by Ann Mcelligott and Joyce Sabgir.


Shishim Founding Members TW  TW IMG_0105_2