Education at Beth Tikvah

Welcome to the Beth Tikvah Dept. of Education! We are thrilled to be back for another year of Religious School, and to start the year with our new Digital Kehilla online this fall.

With the safety for our students, families, and staff, as well as the Jewish value of pikuach nefesh (saving a life) in mind — our Religious School year will begin online this fall. We will revisit on a monthly basis in consultation with the Beth Tikvah Restart Committee, and Board of Trustees. When thinking about our model for the fall, the most important thing in creating these plans was to keep our community of youth connected.To minimize screen time but continue to create bonds between our youth and their Jewish peers — encouraging them to use their Judaism as a means to cope with the intense global situation — we are building a kehilla kedosha, a holy community, that is there for them during the good times and the bad. As part of our Pre-K through 6th grade kehilot (communities), we are thrilled to implement a supplemental challenge-based program, La B’riut: To Our Heath, from The Jewish Education Center. For a short video on how we will utilize this enriching program, please click below:


Membership at Beth Tikvah is required for enrollment in Religious School (excluding Parent Tot which is open to non-members). For more information on Beth Tikvah’s Religious School, Hebrew School, Youth Activities and Family Education, and to register, please email Director of Education Morissa Freiberg at

Religious School at Beth Tikvah is designed to provide students with the basic beliefs, skills, knowledge, understanding and connections to our Jewish past and present. These skills will enable students to participate comfortably and actively in all areas of Jewish life. Our positive environment offers experiences and programs to enhance religious and prayer book studies, and help students and their families adopt Jewish education as a lifelong pursuit. We encourage you to explore our class offerings and family activities, and to actively take part in teaching your family the Jewish values and traditions we strive to live by.



In order to help us further our goals, we welcome and encourage all children to participate in our Religious School and Hebrew School program, regardless of financial ability. We also feel that all children should be afforded the opportunity to learn regardless of their abilities. To assist, we have aides available to support special educational needs. Financial support through the Columbus Jewish Federation allows us to place an aide in the classroom to assist the teacher under certain specific circumstances. The Federation also provides the services of a consultant, who observes children in classrooms as requested and assists our teachers in adapting their teaching strategies to accommodate children with special needs.

We believe that all children have the ability to learn and grow and be a part of the greater Jewish community.

Please be sure to check the calendar to the right for all upcoming event dates, times and locations.

For more information about Adult Education, email Rabbi Rick Kellner or Adult Education Chair, Robert Newman.

For more information about the Columbus JCC North Preschool, which is housed at Beth Tikvah click here.