Creative Arts Initiative

The creative arts serve as a means to enhance Jewish education and help learners of all ages continue their individual Jewish journeys. We have defined the following enduring understandings that shape the unique and essential relationship between teaching the creative arts and Jewish education.

  • Integrating the arts into Jewish education creates a means for learners to gain new insight into their relationship with spirituality, history, and God.
  • Integrating the arts into Jewish education engages and reaches multiple learners through diverse modalities, allowing for a deeper connection to curriculum.
  • Integrating the arts into Jewish education allows for learners to express their feelings and ideas about Judaism in new ways.

We will conclude the school year with a celebration of the creative arts in Jewish education. With these enduring understandings in mind, teachers at Congregation Beth Tikvah are asked to develop and integrate creative arts experiences in their classrooms that:

  1. Are carried out in the classroom over several weeks or throughout the entire school year.
  2. Represent various different forms of creative arts, including but not limited to fine art (painting, drawing, ceramics), dance, music, photography & videography, drama, and more.
  3. Are experienced on an individual and group level.