The selfless financial commitment of Beth Tikvah members builds on our values of community, prayer, learning and the pursuit of justice. We are grateful for each donor’s support which enables us to continue ongoing programs, and create new and meaningful ones  as well. Each generous donation helps to enrich the experience of every Beth Tikvah member.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to participate in development efforts. You can become a Sustaining Sponsor by giving to our contribute to the annual Hanukkah Mishpacha Fund, attending fundraising events, and donate to one of our Dedicated Funds. Please click on the calendar and view the Fundraising Opportunities section for current programs and events.

Ongoing Ways to help

Sustaining Sponsorship

Each year, members have the opportunity to pay more than the set dues when they renew their membership at Beth Tikvah. The Sustaining Sponsors help offset the operating costs of the temple and support the temple policy of assistance to families who can
not pay full temple dues to retain membership at Beth Tikvah. You can become a Sustaining Sponsor by increasing your dues commitment on your annual membership renewal form. Call Debbie Vinocur at 614-885-6286 for additional information.

Hanukkah Mishpacha Appeal

At the end of each year, the Board of Trustees conducts a Mishpacha Appeal to cover the shortfall in incomes because of families on reduced dues and religious school tuition. Each family in the congregation is asked to give–no amount is too small. You can participate in the Mishpacha Appeal by sending in your contribution each year.

It should be noted that during the recent recession as families in financial need have increased, the number of donors and the income collected has significantly grown.

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Dedicated Funds

Throughout the year projects,  scholarships, and building needs arise.  These events are outside of Beth Tikvah’s annual operating budget. There are a number of individual funds  dedicated to meeting these needs.  Making a contribution to these funds in honor or memory of a loved one is a meaningful and thoughtful way to ensure the continuity of  Beth Tikvah’s dynamic and diverse programs.

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